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The epitome of compassion!

With utmost gratitude to our Master who is patiently sitting and taking all the questions, i sincerely hope everyone sees the amount of compassion that is being radiated through this gesture.

The ultimate Master to ever walk on planet earth has already revealed too many dimensions of the Cosmic truth already to thousands of devotees and disciples.

He has already EXPERIENTIALLY shared with us how all questions are waste of time, He has shared profound truths on the time line, time shaft, chronological time and psychological time. How time can stand still in the presence of Master, how 7 hours for a normal human being passes as 7 minutes in presence of the Master. How the time for each person is different based on the number of thoughts and disturbances they have in their minds. And He has only shared drops of HIS infinite intelligence.
YET He sits patiently to answer these questions!

Let noone mistake this as a act to defend Himself in any way! Let people who watch this not think they are getting answers to their questions and doubts! It will be utter stupidity and the greatest missing once more!

NO ! Once again this Ultimate Master is sitting in front of retarded masses, He is trying to open doors on a large scale so that everyone gets a chance to use this opportunity of attention to learn the meaning of enlightenment, the meaning of time, meaning of higher consciousnes, meaning of different dimensions of Life, etc. He is using this opportunity to invoke the seeking opportunity for the ignorant masses on a large scale!

The seriously mentally ill ones may see this superficially as if it is trying to defend Himself. NO!
So what if He spent only 9 minutes in parivarajaka and got enlightened. How does that affect the seekers experience?
Let the people wasting His time to see if it was 9 years and one minute or one minute less than 9 years, have some intelligence awakened in them to see the compassionate act of this Master in taking time to answer, IS to encourage the ones in the dark - to give them a opening, to give them a chance to explore the dimensions of Enlightenment.
Nothing else!

So whoever watches, please just don't judge His answers superficially to verify stupid facts! What will you do with it? How will it help your soul? Atleast, It is in no way going to affect this Master what You believe!

Instead, i hope the general ignorant masses will go deeper and check out what is an Enlightened Master, what is Enlightenment, what is True knowledge, what are the different dimensions of Truth of Living in a human body with Divine consciousness, what is Consciousness, why time for an enlightened Master is not the same time for each human being and how, what is Samadhi, using this as a wonderful opportunity to go beyond the Master and His answers.

Explore and find out why every action, every word, every syllable a Master speaks is ultimate Truth, truth of Cosmos, which ordinary human minds cannot comprehend, but to be accepted as IS without the mind.


Thank You
A sincere devotee


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