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Support to Swamiji from Sri Lanka

Letter to Swamiji from Sri Lanka
Dear Swamiji

For the last few weeks most of us were facing difficulties due to the media news. Those were the wonderful days when we were with you. We are now like children without our parents. You are our Guru, Father Mother and lord. I can still remeber you telling (joking) that during the next "Nithyanandam" program that evrything will be there but not me. and you ask us to catch you when you are available (?physically).I hope this is only a joke!! As I mentioned in my previous comment. I have 2 weppons. one is "unclutching" and the next is your name. Kindly guide us on and off through youtube videos and writing to us. Please!

How much of change happened in our life! How much of courage you gave!! Recently while I was driving through a forest ( no humans around)- I told my wife - " We do not need to worry - swamiji will look after us". I can still remember you saying in NSP and Nithyanandam that as krishna stated you will look after our physical need also as well. During nithyanandam you were telling unclutch my form too! Is that what you want you to do now? I think you have created this situation walk on the "bridgeless" path! I feel you are the director as well as the actor in this drama. I also feel that you are going to live long here in the physical form. So you will create or take different form in diffrent time to make the life more juicy. Let us play then!! When I first start writing I was in a mood to ask swamiji - "please come and give solution" when i close to finish writing - I thought - let go beyond your form and see what is happenening. I must say during this period I have learnt lot about the inner and outer world. ultimately everything look nonserious.

Love from your children
sundaresan & Dharshini from SriLanka

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