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What should we do?

My dear friends, ask yourselves what's really your goal. Whatever has happened during the last
few weeks shouldn't really affect you and your goal. Swamiji has helped everybody and we should
be grateful for that. I haven't met him personally and I have only gained access to his teachings
through the internet. I don't know if I can be considered as one of his disciples but I have certainly
been touched by his words.

My friends, we are all intelligent people, we should not let ourselves be disturbed
by things that will not help us in our lives. By paying attention to scandals or other rubbish, you are not enhancing
your life, only wasting time which you could use to read and practice teachings from holy books.
Is Swamiji right or wrong is not the point and who are we to judge anything anyway?
The point is if his teachings were wrong or not? Well, they all came from the holy books then how can they
be wrong? Friends, it would be stupid if we go to an apple tree and look if the leaves are long or short. Eat
the apple for goodness sake.

I don't know what the rest of you will do but I never pay attention to scandals, I'm only
interested in enhancing my life, the gift that god gave me. And can this be done by listening to someone who has
read and practiced all from the books? I bet you can.

- A Wellwisher


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