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Graititude and Joy!

Dear beloved Swamiji,
I am so happy to watch your latest videos on youtube (31 March 2010). Thank you very much for that.
It is wonderful to see you radiate the razorsharp intelligence, the love and clarity that made me fall in tune/love with you about 3 years ago.
I was very sad to hear that you resigned. But what a leela is taking place, it is amazing.
There was never a doubt within me about you and still I was deeply shaken by the strong response, anger, hatred and abuse that was happening.
After all you taught, after all the techniques, after all the truths that resonate within every truth seeking being, how can people even doubt/turn away/ abuse you? I cannot understand.
I am deeply impressed by this leela and I love your response. A strong chance to move beyond the form of the master. But forgive me if I still love the form with everything that there is, no matter what :).
U.G. Krishnamurti once said: "Everything the human form is able to perform cannot be wrong for it is an expression of life itself, of the divine itself".
Judgment is of the mind, a sign of confusion.
Thank you for keeping the clarity and love.
In eternal and joyful gratitude.
Yours sincerely Theresa

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