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My Respectful Obeisance to Swami Paramhansa Nityananda

Dear Swamiji,

I hope this letter finds you immersed in the bliss of Brahman.

I am a Hindu and a Sadhak on the path that leads to God. I, however, am not your disciple nor do I belong to your lineage. I had met you personally in Dallas, Texas a few years back and was very much taken by your personality, as well as your discourse. It was enough to tell me that I was dealing with a genuine teacher who has tasted the bliss of Samadhi and teaches from his own experience, and is not just a well-learned scholar.

I have noted the occurrences of the last few weeks with a fair amount of anguish. All of my friends here in Dallas are certain of your innocence as they are certain that the entire episode is conspiratorial in nature. The print and electronic media have gone to town with all kinds of slander against you – however, that is only to be expected. The media thrives on this kind of sensationalism. Perhaps, if something like this had happened to their own brother or son, their hearts might urge them to take a somewhat more retrained and non-biased approach. You have been already labeled guilty by the media. However, the truth is the truth and it is only known to yourself and the women we see in the video with you.

I am writing this letter as I wanted to do something about the anguish I and my friends have been feeling. I do not know of any other recourse.

Swamiji, I believe that you are not an ordinary person – you are a Paramhansa – one initiated into Sannyas after being enlightened. I feel your decision to go into spiritual seclusion leaves a lot of sincere seekers, most of all your own disciples, with unresolved questions. I am sure your true disciples hold you to be innocent and it is to their credit that they have such faith in their Guru. However, I also believe that the unresolved questions should be resolved by you, if at all possible. The state of existing with faith on one side and the burning fire of doubt on the other is not at all conducive for Sadhana. A lot of us, not just your disciples, would like to see you do something so that the truth is established. One travelling on the path to God Realization should hold his head high and must be like a role model for others – such a one should inspire others to take to the path of Sadhana. However, with the truth remaining hidden, people engaged in Sadhana would become even more secluded and more cut-off from the general society. They would invite ridicule from their colleagues and friends who would no doubt use you as an example as to why they (the skeptics) do not believe in God and Gurus. I personally feel that you do have the ability to resolve this situation, not just for your own disciples but for the entire spiritual community.

Swamiji, I am myself a seeker after God Realization so I do not know of your own elevated state. However, based on whatever I have read so far – among which are stories of saints and Sannyasis – I do understand that for one who has tasted the bliss of Nirvikalpa Samadhi but is not yet established in the truth of “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahman”, there still may be vasanas lurking in the mind that can trouble the Mumukshu (seeker after liberation). In such an individual as has tasted the bliss of Nirvikalpa Samadhi but is not established in Brahman yet, the mind is in an extremely purified state as it is quite close to its own dissolution (manonasha). These vasanas often become the defense mechanism of a mind on its own deathbed and can catch the individual unawares – as had happened in the case of Maharishi Vishwamitra. Even in contemporary times, Paramhansa Muktananda has written of his own struggles, in the book “Play of Consciousness”, with the sexual urge and how he was able to conquer it, with great effort, without losing to his latent vasanas.

Swamiji, I do not know if a latent vasana in your own mind has caught you off-guard and caused you to fulfill the related sexual desire. If it has, then this can be explained. I am very certain that your true devotees and disciples will understand and will be able to carry on with their Sadhana, with perhaps a lesson in how truly subtle the path to God-Realization is – Kshurasya Dhaara (A Razor’s Edge) as the Katha Upanishad states. What I request of you is to admit if something like this has happened in your case and I will be the first one to support you and understand what has happened.

If, however, the entire episode is a result of morphing and superimposition of video images, then this fact will eventually become evident as part of the legal process. However, again for the sake of your disciples and the larger spiritual community, I request you to undertake something that will clear your name even before the human-engendered process does.

In the Ramayana, we have the example of Sita Mata giving an Agni Pariksha. Shri Ram knew that Sita Mata was blemish-less but he nevertheless made her go through an Agni Pariskha as he did not want the world-at-large to entertain such doubts in regards to Sita Mata. This act of Bhagwan Shri Ram is much debated, and often criticized, now-a-days. However, the example that the both of them set for mankind remains – Sita Mata was saved and Shri Ram satisfied almost everyone around him. Again, we find a similar example in the case of Prahlad, who was saved by Agni Deva whereas his aunt, Holika, was burnt to ashes. Swamiji, if you undertake a similar Agni Pariskha, I am sure the entire world will believe you, without caring for what the others have to say. The Indian mind is naturally inclined towards spirituality, which implies truth and the attendant idea of justice. If you undergo an Agni Pariksha, no one will care for what the law says, because there is man’s law and there is the Divine Law. The entire world of spiritual seekers will rejoice in your innocence.

Swamiji, I have put forward my thoughts only because I respect you and hold that you are not an ordinary human being. However, responsibility is always conjoined with greatness. I humbly request you to please accept my suggestions. I make them with no other intent than to support you in the defense of truth, in whatever form it emerges. A man of spirituality must shine like the sun and inspire others by his actions and words. He should not have to go and hide – the singular sun, embodying truth, is capable of dispelling the light of billions of stars that embody untruth emanating from different sources.

I hope this letter reaches you and I hope you are able to appreciate the sincerity of my thoughts through these words. The entire spiritual community is looking up to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ashish Chandra

Dallas, TX

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Falguni said...

Agree with you Mr.Ashish. Rishi Vishwamitra did feel the attraction towards the woman in front of him, yet, the truthfulness and power of Gayatri Mantra is not any less.

People are keeping on guessing what exactly is the truth, but from all the news and statements from close disciples leads to only one thing, nobody knows the "truth" except for Swamiji and the lady in the video.

There are 3 possibilities:
1. The video is morphed.
2. The video is not morphed, Swamiji had relationship with the lady and it could be the case like Vishwamitra.
3. Swamiji was helping the lady come out of some spiritual knots that she was carrying and the lady was yearning / seeking for help. The lady works as an actress in south Indian film industry and could have been carrying the grudges of sexual abuse that she could have gone through. In whole video, Swamiji was not taking any initiative to have any physical contact and letting her play with Swamiji's body, and Swamiji as if, was observing his own energy flow. If one is a womanizer and lustful, would act aggressively driven by lust.

If the lady in the video is reported, her house is locked and nobody knows where is she. If the lady co-operates and Swamiji also courageously and boldly talks about whatever has happened, the "truth" would never lead Swamiji or the lady to injustice. Tiger Woods recently have proved, making a mistake is human and confession of a mistake is not a sin. And if there was no mistake, where is the question of a sin?

Dhyanpeetam under Swamiji's leadership has been doing very good work in India and worldwide, which should not be ignored. The solution to the morality issue could be, regulatory board can be established by human rights department to watch the activities of the ashram, not only in Dhyanpeetam, but all the ahsrams in India and abroad which are spiritual non-profit organizations. The meditation camps, workshops and all the social work, if is continued with the same zeal and enthusiasm, would be good for the youth all over the world and the seekers will have their inspiration with them, Swamiji is a great source for the same.


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