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My support for Swamiji :)


I am Anita from Malaysia. I would like to share my opinions and experiences i've gained from Swami Nithyananda's teachings. I got to know swamji after seeing one of his youtube video. It was on kaarthigai deepam 2008, where i felt very blessed to watch such a good explanation about kaarthigai deepam which was given by swamiji in one of his discourse. I showed the youtube video to my mother, and explained to her about swami nithyananda after doing a few research about him through the internet. In 2009, my mother, read the book entitled 'Kathavai thiru, kaatru veesatum', written by swamiji. After reading the book, my mother attended swamiji's LBP last year. My mother is now is his sincere devotee and she is practising all the meditation techniques taught by swamiji. She is living a very blissful life.

I'm not his devotee, I'm a spiritual seeker, and I've read his books and listened to his discourses in youtube. I've only attended two programmes in 2009, Quantum Intelligence and Kalpatharu in Malaysia. I feel very blissful and enlightened after attending the programme. After reading his books, and i can confidently say that, at this very young age, no any other gurus would have written so much and gave so much of information about meditation techniques and so on. The informations that he has given us are simply mind blowing,

It is very hurtful to see so many accusations against him. But i strongly believe, swamiji will get through all these accusations. All those good things that he has done to his devotees and also to millions and millions of people out there will definitely save him from all these accusations.

'Swami Nithyananda seitha nalla kaariyangal avarai kandipaaga kaapatrum.'

We will definitely stand by and support him. Truth alone triumphs!




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Damo said...

Unconditional Love - DamoS

We shooting ourselves by accusing Nithyananda.
What we see in him - IS WHAT WE ARE !
If you are Good - You see the good in others,
If you are Bad - You see the bad in others.
Having said that - Good & Bad are both Divine.

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