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Swami Nityananda is a great living master for seekers of Truth

Dear Readers,

I am a practicing mediator and highly educated professional engineer in USA in field of hi-tech computers.

Sw Nityananda is a great living master his words and actions say it.

He has achieved enlightenment and he is free even if government and ignorant people put him in suffering or jail.

Its the loss of the seekers and not the master's loss in this matter. This conspiracy is not against Nityananda but against the truth seeking desiples.

Nityananda has nothing to loose. Its we who are seekers are missing his you tube telecast videos.

I support whole heartedly Nityananda and pray that he comes to his physical freedom asap for showering his compassion on us once again.

All glories to Sw Nityananda...and his lovingness.

Best Regards,
Shriram Karpur


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