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When Man messes with GOD!


Check out article on NDTV about how CID officers faced one technical problem after another, eventually turning out like a punishment for them!


- Niranjan Das


CID sleuths interrogating Bangalore 'Sex Swami' Swami Nithyananda came close to realising what a dangerous thing half-knowledge can be.

When the officers were done with their questions for the day, they played the tape and found it did not have any sound. The tape ran like a silent movie in colour. Hours of effort had gone waste.

When the CID officers brought the swami from Himachal Pradesh, after arresting him from his alleged hideout in Solan district on April 21, they took him to their new interrogation cell in Bangalore.

The Ramanagar local court had handed the swami over to police custody for four days following his appearance in court on April 22.

"It was very difficult to make him speak. And then our efforts went waste thanks to our poor technical knowledge. We had to repeat the entire exercise on Sunday," said a source in the CID.

When they decided to interrogate the Swami in the cell, the CID authorities called for local technicians to fit CCTV (close circuit TV) and the equipment was installed hurriedly, on Friday.

"There was a problem with the audio output of the recording. The video was just fine," explained a technician who fixed the problem. When the statement was recorded the sound was audible but the output on the computer was considerably muted."

The technicians had to be called in on Sunday and the same questions were asked again. The swami smiled at his interrogators as usual before getting into a trance-like state.

"He was either slipping into sleep every now and then or kept chanting mantras whenever we asked him an important question," said the source.

"It was horrible. Imagine having to repeat the entire exercise! It was like a punishment for us."

HS Hussain, the deputy superintendent of police, CID, who was in the team formed to arrest the swami, refused to comment. "I am not supposed to discuss the interrogation," Hussain said.

"You will come to know the details once the investigation is over and we present the case before court."



Sunil said...

Nithyanandam to all !
i just came in contact with swami ji on 26 th jan 10 during his kalptaru prgramme in Mumbai. i was highly impresssed by his talk which was highly technical and scientific.being an Engineer i can undrstand . so i attended his 4 day programme in Bidadi in Feb 10 . the programme and the techinique taught during the course miraculously changed my life style . it has added tremendous day to day pleasure, whuich i was not getting even after lost of medication and conventional treatment . now ,i am practicising his teaching, very simple, on daily basis. have been benifitted a lot since day one . i feel the people who are behind defaming him are not for the welfare of the indian people , the cpuntry and global humanity in general . i am sure swami ji will come out with flying colours and inreased name and fame . i stand by him. Swami ji is not for money . atleast all those about 600 persons are witness to his declaration that he is returning course money as he HIMSELF coul d not deliver the lecture because he was in samadhi state . the amout was not less for any body to leave like this . at least it was more than Rs 15 lakhs. i once again repeat and equest al those who are against him for no reson should quit their unholy path of defaming any one .

sunilchandpandey said...

Swami ji
you are having tremendous cosmic power that you are still taking care of your followers even though you are falsly in distress .

Siew Yong said...

Hahaha, this is so funny! :-)

The leela is starting to get interesting!

In Nithyananda,

Sri Nithya Sri Priyan said...

Nithyanandam, Yes the world will get more opportunity to know the on going miracles of Swamiji, It is also a lesson to the world, what happens when they handle an Enlightened Master without giving proper respect and due honor.
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan

Raman & Anuradha said...

Rightly said Siew Yong... I could see the leela very clearly. But most of the common people are not seeing the leela instead seeing him as a sex-tainted guru... These days i am the first one who see the updated news about swamiji everyday not with worries just to laugh at the people. A Perfect example for what the stupid human mind don't understand when they encounter such a divine avatar...

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