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Time to ACT: We need our Swamiji back!!!

Hello Swami's

I have been trying to contact the co ordinators but are unable to contact anyone. This is no time to sit and speculate . We need more and more action. The first thing is to mobilse as many devotees as posiible and chalk out an action plan. Every devotee wants to help but they do not have the courage to come out in the open . It is important to get a gathering of people and attend the court in large numbers. Silent protestation carrying orange flags. When there is a large crowd people will sart adding on--support will start tickling slowly. Stop not stop not. We should get the Swamiji out . It is a disgrace if we do not act. I would also want swami's and Sanyasin's from other part of the country to come and join the protestations. More crowd is required. These Sanyasins should be provided food and shelter in the ashram. More crowd will frighten the police and the court. Arrange buses to collect more no of devotees. Only goal is get the Swamiji out . Take banners stating release our Swamiji, banners stating stop rumours and banners carrying respect human rights. Get the human rights Association to protest. Talk to other institutions and ask all HINDU devotees from all aspect of life to come the aid. There is no time to think . We need our Swamiji back . Start working .If you want to communicate start using the skype service and mails to mobilse people. You have all my support . ALL WE NEED IS TO TO GEt the SWAMIJI OUT. SHIVA AND SHAKTI WILL SURELY HELP US OUT. Arrange for a MAHA RUDRA HOMA. Shankaracharyas blessing will always be on the ashram.

humble devotee

Abhaya kumar



techxp said...

As you mentioned, we need to gather and collectively stand up strong for Swamiji release.

And also, we need to do similar silent procession here in US, since there are many devotees in US.

Anonymous said...

if u lead many will follow i am sure. I am with you even though i am in the US. Follow your heart and support in the way you feel you should and your ideas sound beautiful to me my friend.

Be blissfull

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