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Divine Purpose!

- it is being said that "Jesus the Christ died for our sins" - right now another Christlike man of this earth is being 'crucified' by modern means: not on the cross, but rather in the media - not once - but again and again - THIS HAS TO STOP.

So let us all - devotees, disciples - anybody who feels connected to this Enlightened Master Swami Nithyananda go into meditation and ask ourselves: "What did I do - which sins might I have committed - for this extreme attack to be launched on a Truly Vibrantly Loving Charming & Innocent Being such as Nithyananda?"

Let us ask this question; not in order to feel guilty and depressed by our own shortcomings, but as an opportunity for self-healing and purification.

It is easy to blame others - in this case the 'yellow press' and so many individuals writing their dirt in the media and on the internet - but could it be that these people are only 'acting out' our sins?

The greatest words I ever heard from Swamiji were these: "Take responsibility for your own Reality and for your own Life."
Taking these words to heart have transformed my personal life tremendously - for which i am ever grateful to Swamiji.

May the whole world come to His Lotus Feet

Jeeva Jyoti - Tiruvannamalai


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