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Please give me news about Swamiji

I read from india yahoo. Swamiji has chest pain.
I am so pain too. These days, my heart keeps on tears.
No matter I keep working, daily life, playing all the roles
in my daily life. I feel my heart is crying.

Can you give me some news from Swamiji?
Any senior disciples have any information?

Yu Yingying


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divya said...

Dear Yu Yingying!
You know, before Jesus was crucified women of Jerusalem were standing by the road he was carring his cross. He turned to them and said:"Don't cry after me, women of Jerusalem, cry after yourself and your suns." The very same way, as Swamiji himself said, he is not going to lose anything and is dooing surely better than us, but OUR LOSS AND THE LOSS OF WHOLE HUMANITY COULD BE TREMENDOUS, if we lose him.So let us cry ower ourselves and ower humankind, specially after those people who set this whole mess up...

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