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Questions for us to ponder over...

I've been folllowing some of whats happening in the last few weeks with Swami Nithyananda, whose teachings and meditations have helped me immensely.

As an educated,somewhat intelligent citizen of the country I can't help but think on how easily the masses can be swayed and antagonised by media. It scares me to think how many times I might have already done that, ie., misjudge people, ignore facts thinking media must've researched well and is doing a responsible job. Especially in this case, media seems to be craving for bits and pieces of information that will keep the willing and weak ( minded ) readers and listeners glued to the TV screens or columns of their newspaper. Has even one section of the media helped people get a balance veiw of the situation.

I can't help but have these questions and I am sure there are many out there who are wondering along similar lines -

1- If there is nothing illegal he has done then why are they still keeping him in police custody ? Police had 4 days to question him, what else are they interrogating him for ? Does the media ever ask these questions ?

2- Media says they found one deer skin etc. What if someone gifted it to ashram ? Also is it illegal to keep one deer skin in the ashram. They sell deer skins on the streets and stores in Haridwar. Why doesnt police raid these stores first ? Why cant the media mention what quantities of deer skin was found in the ashram, what amount is illegal ? Creating headlines seems to be more important than providing details.

3- Hurt religious sentiments ? My religious sentiments can be hurt whenever a priest forces me to place money in his hands when I go temples. Very well known temples. But I still go to these temples ignoring these priests, because my religious sentiment lies in my devotion and love for the deities, how the temple contributed to the community, how the chanting and prayers and the deeper significance of it enriched my life. People whose religious sentiments are hurt seem to have missed the whole essence of religion, and are missing those who are trying to stand for it.

They are waiting in the wings, ready to jump on the stage to get some limelight and shout, 'our religious sentiments are hurt'.

4- Sensational news and gossip seems to have become the 'main-course' for every meal we feed our minds. This is the 'nourishment' we feed our minds with. Our emotions are like dormant volcanoes, and our minds like ticking atom bombs, ready to explode at the smallest trigger. We analyse so much when have to invest 1 lakh rupees. Questions like, Where am I investing ? What kind of company is it ? What are my returns ? Is it really really safe to invest ? How come the 'news' we feed out mind doesn't undergo this analysis. It's our mind, which controls our emotional state and ultimately our well-being that's at risk here, isnt it ?

This is the ambience we live in, and we claim to live in a 'civilized society ' !!!!!



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rukmani said...

I am sure , many voices like yours wil tap the door of the medias and the government in this issue . No effort wil ever go waste .j.rukmani

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