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War between evil and our Guru Nithyananda

Deccan Chronicle, April 28 2010

“The department may penalise and even forfeit his sprawling ashram built on 21.10 acres of land, said Ramanagara deputy commissioner G.N. Chandrashekhariah. The deputy commissioner told this newspaper that according to the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, the ashram is illegally built on agricultural land.”

“Also, as per the Land Reforms Act, 1961 only an agriculturist is entitled to hold agricultural land. The officer is in the process of sending his report to the government on the land irregularities in the Dhyanapeetam ashram.”

“The private land was gifted to self-acclaimed godman Nithyananda, for which he had duly paid the gift tax to the revenue department, said Ramanagara tahsildar Natesh. “It is registered in Nithyananda’s name. Following the notice, some of his ashram inmates came to us and showed us documents in which they had got around three acres of land alienated (converted for use of non-agricultural purposes) but the rest of the 18 acre land is agricultural and has not been alienated,” said the tahsildar.”

For the statement above, I would like to comment as follow:

Initially it was reported the ashram and temple have been built illegally on government land but this was proved wrong by document produce by ashram. Later it was reported the land was taken by force from the land owner but this also was proven wrong when the land owner admit donate the land. Now it is reported the land is only for agriculture and illegal to build ashram or temple (see first 2 paragraphs above), again this also proven wrong by ashram produce prove (see last paragraphs above).

I wanted to see to what extend this people will go further to find fault on our Guru.

This is really a war between evil against our Guru.


Jagadish Nallappan



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