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A new life after I met Swamiji


Until I met Swamiji, people who I lived with made me think that I am nobody. But Swami made me think that I am very special and unique person. Before I met Swamiji last year my life was such a mess. I was so depressed that I even tried to kill myself. I went to my parents and family, other Swamis, counselors, psychiatric for guidance. But no one was able to do anything for me. Before last year I never listen or watched any of Swami’s discourse, because I was involved with other organization. Last year I attended Kalptaru program twice, just one glimpse of Swamiji, just one energy Darshan transformed me a lot. Since then my life took U-Turn. I am going back to my source. After that I went for IA program. During program I saw that Swamiji showered all his compassion and energy on all people around him. Now I am totally different person because of Swamiji. I am very blissful and calm person now. Any outer situation is not affecting me at all.

I am sure you will come out of these all situation soon and help people around the world. They cannot hide the Sun in a small pot.

I am very grateful to you Swamiji for giving me this new life.

Thank you

Always In Nityananda
Nayna Gohel


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