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Love and commitment to Swamiji


Dear Freinds

At this juncture it is hard to digest the fact of Swamijis Arrest , I feel our love and commitment towards Swamiji will see all of us through this.

2 milion people transformed by his teachings and over many more healed is not a Joke. The Society owes a lot for Swamiji Paramhamsa Nithyananda.

Let me talk about Death , have a small experience or thought about death , and think who your Saviour is , I tried ample times , all the time it was Swamiji , he was coming to the rescue.His very assurance was uplifting and guiding over the fear. Such type of impact , i dont think any other person on earth can give that assurance.

His force is such that all people enveloped their true potential and freed themselves from the clutches of despair and depression. His assurance is unchallenged, his love unconditional. They have found meaning to life after knowing him and life became lively after that.
It is easy to leave when the tide is opposite , only staunch love and faith will see that we get over the tide.

A master happened in us is not a coincidence , it was purely the mercy of existence that showered us in the form of Enlightened Master Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyanada. Human Birth is very valuable , Master happening is very very Valuable , this very understanding is enough to uplift from the clutches.

With Humble Prayers to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Devotee from St.Louis


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