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We are all with you Swamiji


Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet.

Swamiji, We are all with You always eternally, what may come,let n number of volcanoes erupt or tsunamis flood us out, our spirit,body and mind is always with You.Swamiji, You are our Lord and Lord of this Universe, world will realize soon, the time is ripe now.The cloud of Vitharka will rain soon bringing all the fall outs back to Your Holy Feet.All the Media scorning at Your Divinity will beg for Your Divine Darshan and presence.All the media in the world will compete to play your video and discourses.Our Spirit, Mind and Body yarns for your Darshan of Your Divine Lotus Feet.Pray to see Swamiji very soon back in Dhyanapeetam blessing all your children anxiously waiting for Your Divine Presence.

In Nithyanandam, Pranams,
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan


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