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Swamiji is a gift to Mankind

I am not a devotee of Swamiji nor I have attended any of His programs. I am a spiritual seeker and I have been listening to all His beautiful teachings on you tube. Swamijis teachings are very practical and provide the clarity to live a conflict free life. Swamijis teachings have helped me tremendously and I am really living a blissful life in the midst of chaos. I thank Swamiji for sharing all His experiences and teachings for free on you tube. Each one these videos are treasures that can passed on for future generations. Swamiji is a gift to mankind. I am deeply saddened by His arrest. An enlightened soul with so much to offer to the world is behind the bars. This is a tragedy and I sincerely pray for Swamiji. I believe it is all a Divine Leela and soon Swamiji will be back on his mission to take the ignorant mass from darkness to light.


Vidya Navneet

From USA.


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