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Stand up for Swami Nithyananda

I like to post these things with drops of tears in my Eyes on hearing the Unwanted and unacceptable news on Swami Nithyananda.
I have been attending Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam's Spiritual Workshops and Sessions from Jan 2006.
I would like to share my experiences.
From my childhood, there was some misunderstanding between my parents.This was continuous for many years.
There were nobody to solve the problem in my Family.
All our relatives , friends , anyone ....didn't try to solve it.
I felt very difficult to complete my School education because of my family situation.
Just think a situation of teenage a Middle Class Family Boy facing unsolvable problems in the family and because of that in the society too.
In year 2003, I completed my school and joined an Engineering college.My family situation had still became worse.
I was in very high depression.
Nobody was there to solve my problems.I was not able to concentrate in studies at college.I got veezing problem also.
I had thoughts to suicide.
I was not speaking to my room mates in Hostel;Unable to mingle with my College friends;Many people started asking why I was like that.
One day some of my friends said they were planning to go to some meditation program, asking me to join.
I just went there along with my friends.
That program was the First Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam program attended by me.It was a two days program.
It was an wonderful experience for me.
I felt all my problems can be solved.Within that two days program , I got rid of veezing problem.I felt Healthy.
After that program, I was able to concentrate in my studies.My entire life got transformed.
I was able to move free with my friends.
I was able to take care my family.....and Many things happened that I could not share by words.
I got selected in a good software company through Campus Interview in my college.
Now I am working in the Company at Chennai.Earning good.
Leading a peaceful life with my family.
In these four years(2006 to 2010) my life is bloomong.I got Transformed through Nithyananda's Programs.
I still continue his meditation techniques.It helps me a lot in the Corporate Environment.
I will attend his classes more and also take his teachings to others till end of my life.
I don't want any young boy in this world to suffer for any reason.
To make people come out of any kind Sufferings, I recommend Swami Nithyananda's Meditation Programs.
My thoghts Regarding this news about Swamiji and Ashram:
1)Any body is free to go in and out of Ashram any time.In this situation , if a Girl/Lady feels sexually abused,
they would have come out of Ashram and reported.
2)Many Ladies are participating in Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam's Meditation Programs.Lakhs of people have got transformed.

If there was any kind of wrong approach by any of the Sanyasis,or Acharyas(Teachers),or Swamiji,or an Organizer or a volunteer
of these meditation programs, people would have reported it to public or law.

These programs are being conducted for more years.If there was something wrong, people would have reported years back.
They need not had waited till year 2010.
3)The environment in the Ashram is very spiritual,there is a temple,a big Shiva Linga,Years old Banyan Tree.In this
environment,with the energy of meditation, no body will have unwanted feelings.
Any Human being with logical thinking will think the above points.

I got transformed because of Swamijis teachings.I never believe any fake information about him or Dhyanapeetam.
I Standup for Nithyananda.
[Sri Ananda Dharmadeva]


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ramdesi said...

Hello Srisendilraja
Vanakkam. I am deeply moved by your story of
Your travails and tribulations in life at an early stage.
And more remarkably how you came out of it.
Hope things at your home front have eased out to everyone's favor.
Yes, meditation indeed restores the divine ordinance it oneself and transforms one from within. That power source is within. What your friends did was merely and act of being a signpost showing you the way. The next step was the Swami's ashram itself which acted as a guide and rest stop on your way to your spiritual destination. So what I am trying to say is that your friends were a sign post. Swami was the guide, his ashram was wayside rest area but the most important player in this journey is YOU and YOUR journey. In the end it's just you who will be judged by HIM. So leave aside this need and burden to support Swami and his establishment. Everything is pre-ordained by the wire puller of all. Do not bother yourself with the need to prove or disprove anything to the world on behalf of someone. Let go.

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