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Support for Nithyananda

My name is Conny, I am German, traveled through India in february 2010 and finally found myself in Nythiananda's ashram in Biridi.
A very spiritual, healthy and curing, beautiful place.
After having seen the film "Avatar" and then sitting under the Banyan tree praying Mantras, I felt, the dream came true.

Nythiananda, because of being in Samadi, returned all the money to 800 people, who were attending the NSP seminar.
He was so generous! His teachings go beyond "Samsara", our worldly needs, fears, greed, lust, sex, desire.

No way is there anywhere in the ashram any tantric sex going on- impossible.!!!!!!!

when I came back to the ashram to join the Kumbha Mela- trip, it had been attacked by fanatics and it was so sad to see this beautiful ashram destroyed by blind and envious people, who have no idea about how blind they are!

I stand 100 % behind Swamiji. He has changed my life in such a positive way!
I finally cured myself from nervousness and running constantly away from myself!
Now I can sit quietly and meditate and tune into the cosmic energy!

It seems that Jesus ' crusification is being repeted in a modern way. very cruel.

lets pray, that it will be over soon!



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