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Devotees, Disciples, Citizens Around the World - Please COME !

Nithyanandam All,

All of you who have experienced the ultimate Master and those who stand for Justice & Spirituality, Please Come.

Many of you have come from around the world, spent your dollars to come and experience 21 day programs, 3 month programs, healings and all the good things of being around the Master.

Now please spend those same dollars - without any hesitation ! and Come be around the Master wherever He is !
PROTECT HIM with all Your Might, Your Skills, Your Strengths !!

Come contribute Your Support in whatever way You can !!
Drop All your chores, and all , Please come standup for our Master !!

There are so manyways to help - and it is Now - Medical professionals, Law professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Tough BUild Ones to form a protective circle around HIm, all Skills, All Professions - Please Come

Now is the time ! Please go that extra bit beyond your Strict Boundaries and Fences and Planning..!

JUST COME and Be Around the Master - wherever He is !! Spend that Money Now !! What good is the money if it can't be spent Now ! Let nothing Stop You from Coming !

Thank You

Nithyananda Devotee


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Kumara GuruBalan said...

I'm jus a commoner who supports swami no matter wat the world have said abt him but i dunn think swami need Medical professionals, Law professionals, Engineers, Scientists n the rich to help him!!! All swami need r ppl who have tons n tons of love, faith n devotion 4 him 2 b arnd him. Ppl who expect nothing else but His love n grace... Those r the kinda ppl MY Swan=mi needs!!!

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