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Let us not IMPRISON ourselves in WORDS from WRONG sources !


Small minds can handle only small amounts of progress..That is why Master has been saying, drop the small, tiny minds with boundaries, expand!

Small minds think only about how many handful of crores of rupees came through the programs. They do not think about the expenses, maintenance which run equally high. They go to programs and are only counting how much they are giving - not how much they are taking, the thousands of meals 3 times a day for days, hot water baths, bathrooms utilities, lodging, tents, music etc, all kinds of decorations for the ambience.

Small minds can only think in small currencies - when they see the word CRORE or MILLION - they think it must be a ocean.. when in rupees it is 50 or greater times LESS when compared with other world currencies.!!

Yes 50 years ago a CRORE or MILLION would have meant a lot- but not now ! Wake UP ! You know it already!
Even otherwise these days, crore and million does not mean much when it comes to expenditure! Don't just throw words around!! Don't be stuck in the words!!! Be practical !! Go deeper and explore the actual VALUE coming in and going out !

These people should drop their small minds and small prisons created by some words in their minds and take a look at the 2012 mission vision statement.

It costs 10 CRORES for NAIMISHARANYA ( NIthyananda Meditation University which will be open 24 hours, throughout the year, where teachings, learnings will happen non-stop - imagine what infrastructure and utilities and maintenance costs will be) at a time.
It costs 25 CRORES for NITHYANANDA SABHA ( NIthyananda Meditation hall housing 10,000 people )
It costs 10 CRORES to setup a new kitchen to serve 10,000 free meals per day and to cater to the needs of global visitors featuring a multi-cuisine facility.

It costs 108 CRORES just to build 108 Nithyananda Vidhyalaya to save the children from logic based eductation into the True Knowledge based - Vedic wisdom based education equipping each child with skills for success in the outer and inner world.

It costs 20 CRORES just to build 5 dormitories with basic need to house 5000 people, with sleeping facility, bathing, bathrooms toilets and what not!
It costs 35 CRORES just to build a better accomodation with needs to cater global devotees.

Noone is interested in knowing the costs, let alone the maintenance and running it for future!

Moreover, can we dig up the money from the ground like a piece of gold nugget from a mine?
It is nice to come enjoy everything, take whatever free stuff we can get a hold of. Every single pamphlet costs money to print. Every single flower in the elaborate decorations for the deities to create the perfect ambience costs money.

How can a handful of people raise issues about the costs for the meditation workshops and programs without seeing the whole picture ? Let alone the truth that these workshops are the best experiential programs in the world!!

Drop the small minds, expand your vision. Look before you talk, and look before you imbibe and gulp up the vomit which small ignorant minds are spewing out ..

Please use your intelligence - do not eat the vomit of unintelligent, un-enlightened sources.
As told in our scriptures, the words of the Enlightened Master is truth, source of true knowledge.

Think before imbibing and eating information - think from which source it is coming from - is it coming from enlighened sources or un-enlightened, ignorant minds who don't even have basic decency, let alone knowing the science of enlightenment.!!!

Imbibe only the True Knowledge, take a little effort to just explore one inch beyond your existing boundary and see how many truths you can discover..

See all the benefits we have received and think if one of us has to duplicate this whole thing - woud be able to - ?

Thank You !


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