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small story: how the human mind thinks!

One day Shiva and Parvati rode on Nandi down from Kailash to the
village to get some fruit.

As they rode, some villagers walked by and frowned at them. "Look at
those mean folks," they said, "'Two fat people weighing down that poor
old bull!"

Shiva and Parvati were ashamed. So Shiva got down and walked along
while Parvati rode.

Soon more villagers passed and laughed at them. "Look at that
hen-pecked husband! He walks in the dust while his wife rides like a
queen over him!"

Parvati jumped down and begged her Lord to mount on Nandi. She would
not see Shiva humiliated on her account.

The next passersby shook their heads and frowned. "How terrible that
husband is! He makes his poor wife walk while he lazily rides!"

Without a word, Shiva dismounted and the two of them walked beside Nandi.

Soon they saw more villagers who burst out laughing. "Look at those
stupid people! They walk along pulling their bull, when they could be
riding in comfort! How dumb!"

Shiva and Parvati had heard enough. What to do!!! They climbed back
onto Nandi and went their way, understanding that not they, but the
dull minds of their critics, were the stupid ones.

Moral: Do not judge God, for His ways are beyond our small minds to
grasp. Only the stupid ask God to limit Himself to their tiny vision.
Welcome reality, and understand that all actions of Shiva are

SwamiJi, you are Shiva. May we always recognize your purity, your
divinity and above all, your innocence.

with love and respect,

Ma Nithya
Sarvavidyaa (Sophia Keller)



Siew Yong said...

Nithyanandam Ma,

This was a beautiful story - so ept for this time! Same for me, I never judge Him for He is beyond my tiny mind. In IA in 2009, I experienced Him as Shiva - the divine, pure, innocent & compassionate Being.

Sophia said...

Nithyanandam friend,

Yes indeed. His purity is beyond our understanding, and there lies the true tragedy of the current situation. Many human minds are so twisted by fantasy and lust that they can't recognize innocence when they see it; they must drag it down into the sewer where their thinking resides.
Thanks for your beautiful comment.

in Nithyananda, Sarvavidyaa

dnov2001 said...

I will continue to support Swammiji with my soul!

poornima said...

Dear Swamiji.
you have helped in mylife so much . After Kalpatharu darshan I got solved many personal problems, after attending asp i have got clarity in my life, i could able to see chakras awakening physically though I have attended many courses i got experience in this class only.I got positive answer for corneal transplant.
As for as I know you are miraculous god for me
i pray cosmic energy to releive you from this misrepresented issues. you are an enlightened master for all of us still I beleive that your
radiation of enlightenment will never stop.
thanking you


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