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Another Gross Mis-representation by MEDIA!!!

Today, there were news items reported in Deccan herald, Express Buzz and some other media saying a non-bailable warrant has been issued against Swamiji.

This is AS FAR FROM THE TRUTH as possible. There was NEVER a Non –Bailable warrant issued by any court first of all. Secondly, a regular order issued during the course of normal hearings in Sri Perumbudur was recalled back as soon as the lawyer appeared and responded to the court.

Anyone can do a better job than media and verify this with the concerned authorities.



vinay kumar said...

I was worried.

Sophia said...

Really, nothing the media does should surprise us any more. They are simply paid to write as much garbage as possible. Most of them can neither think nor reason; they are mouths without minds behind them.

Thanks for clarifying this misconception. By the way, the website www.nithyananda-satya.org posts accurate updates on legal developments and media coverage.

in Nithyananda, Sarvavidyaa

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