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Writing not out of belief, but out of experience. Thank you Nithyananda Swami

Swami, I always wanted to write something to express my feeling about you but I am continously lost in searching for words.
May be I can put it in a different way, Swami, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.
May be, even the best in whatever that ought to happen.
Still remember the wonders that took place holding the rudratcha mala expecting for your guidance.
For the readers, I am a very adamant character who didn't believe almost anything until the age of 24, like being religious
or spiritual,
but at one point of time came across swami's books and just read them with the determination on not to believe them as well.
I really enjoyed his books and he somehow touched my life.
Instead of me turning the pages, the pages turned me.
I was only treating him as a physcologists but then as everyone of you did, I dissolved in the truth.
I wouldn't say that I am living an extra ordinary life but definetely I have sailed to a different land. May be I am still a beginner.
I was undergoing such a depression. Everyone used to ask why is she sooo sad at such a young age. I had a very low pressure.
It has been 4 years now ever since I knew him and 2 years ever since I started meditating.
Now people used to ask, how come she is happy all the time.
What I would tell everyone is, don't take and believe everything as we see or hear. We have to know in depth instead of just
taking news as it is.
Even if I want to forget swami and lead a life away from him, its not possible, I was astonished and extremelly suprised to
realise that he has penetrated into each and every part of my life so deeply until there are no moments without him.
Each and every aspect of my life carries his message, teachings and above all his love.
No one else without the smiling saint could have made me meditate. I bet.
In Tamil we have a saying
"Kannal Kanbathum poi, kaadhal ketpathum poi, seera visaripathe mei".

Let whatever be the truth, he has only done good to everyone which is undeniable and I believe if our father makes a mistake,
will we just keep away from him, let go of his hand and humilate him? Is that what people who has grown under the father's
love are capable of doing? Lets see where we all stand!

I hope this problem will turn out to bring more name for our guru in the near future.

Waiting to see your kingdom thriumph again!

Just an orator can't bring this much of change in anyone, so, the space we shared have more than the words and knowledge.

I believe many would have read his book "You are no sinner" by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Is this what he deserve in return?

I really hope many would get awaken to think, what will their younger generations do when they face depression or
some low energy situations where it becomes difficult to proceed with a good life? Who is going to save them?
So, I really request that do not pollute the spiritual arena which is very essential for many to go on with their lifes.
To write about miracles that has happened in my life after meeting swami, I might only have to write a book, internet forums are not enough!

NOTE: I have always visited ashrams in KL and thiruvannamali once. I have never even sensed any wrong intentions or some
inappropriate behaviours of the ashramities/healers

- Alagammai Kasi


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