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Hello again from Israel: Thank You Nityananda

Nithyanandam again from Israel!

I have been following your channel on you tube since the last few years, also was doing the first "Living enlightenment" on 12/2008, as i have told you before this was an experience that was giving me so many tools to live life in a blissful way!

The last few days that i'm watching the series of talks a bout life and death is very strong for me!-i feel that i'm learning so much,and passing trough some integrity of all studies, i feel more and more relaxed and un-clutch...many small things going on a round and i feel that i have tools to cope more then ever. This is such a great surprise seeing you teaching us so intensively in such a short time. I have no worlds to express my excitement listening and learning every day,passing trough such a beautiful process!

I want to tank you Swamiji! i do hope that you see all those letters on the web that are so full of gratitude.

All the best
Revital from Israel


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