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Question for the lotus feet of the Master

Dear Swamiji,

I have know you only since December 2009. I am not able to go beyond your form and am still only able to relate with your form. I feel that it is too early for me. I know that you are the embodiment of existential energy, but am not able to cut your form. What to do swamiji? Also, I want to deepen my Vitarka and feeling connection with you. Please bless me with these becuase these too must be infused by you. You have brought in so much of healing and happiness in my life swamij - Thank you.

I also want to become an Ashramite, however there are situations in my life that are not allowing me to do so - I have a large loan that I am paying back and it will take atleast 4 years forme to complete the same. Please help.

Thank you for your blessings.

Murali Mohan / Dubai, UAE.


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