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Truth from an Ashramite family

I am a father of 2 who has been living at the Dhyanapeetam ashram for over 4 years now. Its has been and always will be the most beautiful place on planet earth me and my family ever lived in. It has always been a safe haven where I could safely leave my wife and kids and go on business trips since I continue to work for a multinational. Without bothering about the sensitivities of devotees and disciples these negative people have published and are still publishing pure sleeze on a master who has done so much for society. Not one of these people have talked about all the good things he has done. Does anyone even know? Is anyone interested in finding out? The fervor with which the sleeze is lapped up by people, in the same fervor do we listen to or write about the good things that are being done by a person. What has become of this country? Will it be a surprise if it again comes under the threat of rule by alien nations?

– Ashramite at Dhyanapeetam ashram


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