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Lenin saving the world? Yeah?

I watched Lenins full interview on youtube. I am amazed at the lies that’s coming out of his mouth. I have known him for a couple of years and never thought he would turn out to be this kind of a sleazy guy. First of all, if he was interested in only bringing down Swamiji he would have stopped once the video came out in the open. Second of all, he claims he did this with the only purpose of saving the people and all the brahmacharinis who were suffering and crying to him.

What a joke. Do you guys know this monstor has started sleazy porn serial in this third rate yellow magazine? Don’t know how much hes being paid for this, but they keep implicating the ashramites and brahmachari’s/ni’s at the ashram. This is what he calls saving them from more pain? What kind of a monster is he? I am closely associated with the ashram and know everything that goes on in there. I know for sure that whatever Lenin is saying is 200% lies.

I cant stop being amazed at what money and need for revenge can do to a person. I am sorry for Lenin who I know will himself go through hell for what he has done. Negativity cannot be alive for long. Those who support negativity will die as soon as the negativity dies down.


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