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By the grace of Nityananda

Nithyanandam all Beings.

I have been with Swamiji many years now and am amazed to see the unfoldment of this leela, drama. Who could have imagined! I just returned from residing at the Bidadi Ashram for almost 4 months, being blessed to be in Swamiji's direct presence, receiving teachings and sitting in upanishad with my Master for over 50 days. It is true that my mind has dropped, so I find it amazing that so many people are making desions about their life with or without Swamiji based on their mind. I understand that my mind is the problem! Then how can this mind possibly make a conclusion that will liberate me? It can't. This is so clear to me. This mind has never led me to my highest good. Only until my Being met Swamiji did my life begin to blossom, did I feel inner expansion and deep rest. I have no mind to make any conclusions on these current events.

Listen to what Osho says,
"Please don't try to understand me intellectually. I am not an intellectual, in fact I am anti-intellectual. I am not a philosopher, I am very anti-philosophic. Try to comprehend me. Listen silently with no inner chattering, with no inner talk, without evaluating. I am not saying believe what I say, I am not saying accept what I say. I am saying there is no need to be in a hurry to accept or reject. First at least listen - why be in such a hurry? When you see a roseflower, do you accept or reject it? When you see a beautiful sunset, do you accept or reject it? You simply see it, and in that very seeing is a meeting. If what I am saying has anything of truth in it, it will be understood by your heart. But the mind has to give way. And then you will not need to change your life according to it, it will be changed of its own accord."

Now that I have returned to where I live with my family, I am practicing daily the techniques from Swamiji, which have held my hand and being for the past 4 years. In the end, nothing has really changed. The sun is still rising and setting, Beings are still living and dying. We are all seeking liberation. This is all the play of yoga, the continuous happening. The leela is how we do it.--

Ma Nithyananda Bodhanaa
Radiating Enlightenment

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