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My name is Prarthana and I am a 22-year-old MBA student from Bangalore. I first met Swamiji during the Kalpataru program in the ashram in August last year. I had been suffering from migraine for many years and came to him for healing. Swamiji healed me with just a single touch. It is still unbelievable for me.

I especially want to add that when Swamiji hugged and blessed me during the healing, I felt such a motherly compassion flowing from him. There was no trace of any masculine aggressiveness in his behavior. We women are naturally sensitive to any sign of aggression from a man, but I felt completely safe and protected when Swamiji hugged me. My father, who also got a hug from Swamiji, shared exactly the same thing with me later.

So those who are saying all kinds of things against Swamiji, please be aware that we cannot judge a pure and great soul by our own ideas of right and wrong. We can never completely understand the actions of saints, but at least we can avoid condemning them.

With love,
Prarthana Prabhudev

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I Stand by Nithyananda said...

"We can never completely understand the actions of Saints" this is something I think is one of the major things one can learn in this episode!

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