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Nithyananda meditation programs are conducted with so much care…

I have volunteered many times for Nithyananda’s meditation programs. They are conducted with so much security and care for the participants. Men and women are kept strictly in their respective sides of the hall. In fact I found it amazing to see that care is taken to THAT level inspite of today’s modern society. The Nakkeeran magazine is really misrepresenting things. They are spitting negativity and perversion into society and people are dangerously giving money, buying it and reading it. Not only that, they are doing it to an enlightened master’s mission. God knows what is going to happen to the owner and editor of Nakkeeran and the other people who are responsible for publishing such baseless nonsense. I wonder if even God can save them.

- Volunteer, Nithyanandam Dhyanapeetam

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