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To Nityananda who has changed my life


Dear Swamiji,

Swamiji my humble Pranamas at your Lotus Feet. Swami with your Grace I was able to attend AtSP, It was my life’s turning point. During the Class I had a vision that Swami was dancing on the lotus in my throat chakra. I got cured of thyroid. My sinus problem was also cured. I was so happy. By the end of Atsp class, I came to know that I could dance. Swami's class transformed my life. I was able to enjoy life in spite of problems. It broadened my thinking and was able to let go of things. Lot of junk accumulated in the mind was cleaned up. It helped me to communicate with people in a better way. Now I am able to look at life in a new perspective. Now life seems to be joyful and not miserable. I am able to lead a quality life. He gave me a hope that I could lead a joyfully life.

I attended NSP twice. Surely it changed my life. I was in a Blissful state and did not feel the necessity to have food. It was the first time I realized that we human beings could live without food for one week. My friends could notice the change in me. Some of them expressed that they were feeling nice when they were around me.

I attended DSP. It taught me how to unclutch. I am grateful to Swami. Even my friends attended the classes and were happy. I always felt that life was full of pleasures and pains and nothing else. Swami showed me that there was another side to life that is being blissful. How can I express my gratitude to Him? I cannot repay him no matter what. Thank you Swami for being with me. Swami is always with me forever in my life.


Maa Anjali.


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