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Brahmacharini… on Nithyananda meditation programs

I am a brahmacharini of the Nithyananda ashram. I wonder why these tamil yellow journals are creating perverted stories about Swamiji and ashram. Anyway, I wish to state that the ashram is such a beautiful, sacred and divine atmosphere. My parents are very orthodox and if they are allowing me to be there, it is indeed a safe place! I have attended the brahmacharya training program and all the other programs too, right up to Inner Awakening. The programs are straightforward, deeply transformational and tremendously rejuvenating. Anyone who speaks ill about these programs are lying through their teeth. And anyone who writes badly about Swamiji or ashramites or ashram, or even supports a person writing badly about Swamiji or ashram or ashramites are in for some serious trouble in their personal lives. I am not threatening or cursing, I am only reminding them about the law of the Cosmos.

- Ma Nithya Bhaktikananda, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram


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