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Arise, become leaders!!


Why is it such irresponsible elements own media?
Why is it they can go to any extent to poison the minds of people and abuse anyone they feel like and get away with it?
This can happen to any political leader, any leaders in the society..beware such poisonous and ugly minds are owning the media and using it in such a gross negative, irresponsible way.
When will we stop this from happening again and again and again??
With their ugliness, they are bringing a bad name to other responsible media also.
All other responsible media, all other government and societal leaders, all other responsible citizens in communities, all other responsible family members look up!!! this can happen to anyone.... they are poisoning your followers, your communities, your co-workers, your loved ones and all ...
How can they be allowed to run amock like this ? Do we need a leader to tell us what to do? Are we all not leaders in our own right., Are we all not leaders of our own minds, our own innerspaces which is being defiled by such negative media groups.
Are we all not leaders of our families, of our communities.. what are we waiting for?
How long before each one takes up the responsiblity to protect your own families, your own friends, your own communities, your own spaces, your own territories, your own dharma, your own rights, your own minds from such negative media crooks?

All Masters have given enough teachings and tools and have been living examples, use them now. When else would you use it?

Thank You


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