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A true Master Paramahamsa Nityananda

I know at times we feel frustrated that not much info comes out of the
ashram. Because the media twists everything and turns it into more
ammunition, I think the decision has been made that silence is the
best response. It certainly helps us to keep our thoughts away from
vengeance, at least in my case, *smile*

I was thinking yesterday that what's happening is really an
externalized globalized NSP.

As many Masters have said in tantric teachings, we do have to
experience all our "stuff" with awareness in order to move beyond it.
Osho got into trouble with this because he taught his devotees to have
those experiences physically, which provoked a lot of controversy.
SwamiJi learned from Osho's mistake and designed a program where we
just have the experiences in our imagination -- which has the same
emotional impact as having them physically -- and then with his
Presence he helped us move beyond them.

Now, look what is happening. None of the nuts on youtube have
enrolled in a program nor paid tuition, but they've attached their
imaginations and tantasies to Swami's form, so that gives him access
to them. They are acting out their craziness using his form as the
avenue. So, they are getting healed ultimately of their muladhara --
and some swadisthana and anahata -- garbage through his extremely
generous and compassionate intervention.

(At times I'm tempted to say they don't deserve it, but none of us
really deserve it, do we. We are privileged to receive the Master's

We know how powerful a Master we have, we've seen how whatever he does
becomes the most-watched, the most-commented on. Now, we are
witnessing the full extent of his healing influence as these ripples
spread across the Internet. It really helps me to remember that
whoever watches those videos or thinks about them is eventually
receiving SwamiJi's healing. (

(Some are more hardcore and resistant than others! *sigh*)

Let it run its course with the deep awareness that it will burn itself
out and bring immense shift or consciousness in its wake. Our job as
disciples is to stand in quiet groundedness and practice patience.

As our Beloved says, "Relax."

with warm affection
in Nithyananda
Sarvavidyaa Natyamani (Sophia)


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