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I have been a disciple of Swamiji since 2002. It pains me deeply to hear about the outrageous accusations being made against Swamiji and the organization. I would like to place on record that in the eight years that I have been associated with the ashram, I have experienced nothing but safety and security in the ashram. Never have I faced any kind of abuse, nor am I aware of any other ashramite facing any such abuse. Such a thing is unthinkable for any of us.

I request all of you who are reading this not to be taken in by the reports in the media, especially in the yellow journals. No one knows the environment of the ashram better than the ashramites who are living here.

We have always been treated with consideration and respect in the ashram and can vouch for the fact that Swamiji or any other ashramite has never EVER behaved inappropriately with us. I have attended almost all the programs offered by the ashram and have found nothing even remotely offensive in any of them. It is deeply painful and humiliating for us ashramites to even have to answer the dirty accusations made by the media about our Guru and our fellow-ashramites.

Most of these accusations have been made without an iota of fact in them, but using (or hinting at) the names of real ashramites. For the common reader, it is almost impossible to separate the fiction from the fact.

I have a question for the yellow media which revel in sensationalism:

When not a single brahmacharini in the ashram has any complaint against Swamiji or others, who are these outsiders to assume things about our safety and play the grand role of our protectors?

Even the CID who is investigating the case, and who spoke to the ashramites with complete confidentiality, later revealed that not a SINGLE ASHRAMITE had anything to say against Swamiji. Not just that, the ashramites have pledged their complete trust in Swamiji.

Isn’t it obvious by now that there is no hanky-panky going on in the ashram?

So can the yellow journals please stop hounding our Guru and leave us alone to pursue our sadhana?

Priya, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Bidadi

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