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Nithyananda Ashram - The most beautiful place!

I am a 45 year old software engineer from USA. I am quite surprised at how the media is projecting Bidadi Ashram and Swami Nithyananda in such an ugly way. I have personally visited the Bidadi Ashram many times, since 2007, along with my wife and children and have even attended several of the programs they offer. My kids totally enjoy being there, in the friendly ambience of the Gurukul children. Infact recently, My wife stayed on for the Jayanthi celebrations in the Ashram spanning the last week of December. Not once have any of us ever got a feeling that we are being physically abused by the Master or anyone around. It’s quite shocking how someone can twist the true story and paint such a negative picture of the whole thing! I just feel very sorry to those who are being fooled by media, and in the process missing out on an opportunity to be with a true Avatarapurusha, our beloved Swamiji.
- Ranganathan, USA

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