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From a vanaprastha sannyasi of the ashram…

I don’t have internet access. I came to internet café to type out this email. I am a vanaprastha sannyasi of the ashram. I have gone through all the programs conducted till date and I live in the ashram. Not even once have I even smelt or seen any sex-related activity or program or visuals or anything at the ashram. In fact I am saddened to be typing this defensive statement. These tamil yellow journals are wrongly portraying things. They will suffer for it. Application forms will naturally cover certain extreme points because human mind and the load that each one is carrying in terms of past birth memories is so deep and complex and they are all bound to surface during deep meditation programs. The deep-rooted memories in humans, carried over many births have to be cleansed out, and when they are cleansed out, one can’t predict the way in which each one is going to respond. So these forms are made to cover all those possibilities. Also the ashram is such an innocent organization that they don’t even know that such forms can be misrepresented like they are being misrepresented now.

My humble request is, to see the negativity at work behind this, and move ahead with intelligence and common sense. Let the negative forces work and finally get healed. I pray to the Almighty for that.

- Vanaprastha sannyasi, Nithyananda ashram

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