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No words...

Dearest Gurudev,
Hey, nithya i feel like writing so many things but when i want to write i feel there is nothing to write. I call you nithya because u r more than a guru to me, meaning i feel that u r god, we call our gods by name like govinda, krishna, rama... The idols of gods will always have smiling face in happiness and sorrow and u to have the same smiling face during joy and distress, i have not seen such a face which has so much of kalae. Nithya when i saw your smiling face for the first time, i prayed that even i should have smiling face
because many people have told me that i have a sad face. Now that you are out of jail my soul is dancing with joy. Oh, god because you are in human form i feel insecure about your life because of mindless cruel people. We need you. Take care.
Ma Anand Indirani


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