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Fervent appeal to release Swamiji soon

To whom it may concern

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am a Mauritian , now living in Australia, 34 yo, ex-teacher in college , now self employed.
I am really puzzled how people can be so close minded. Cant you see Nithyananda is a genuine yogi !
I myself have been practising meditation for approx 14 years now.

Well, history repeats itself again and again. Lots of people wishing good for the mankind have been ill treated since the dawn of human civilisation by negative people. There are lots of examples as you surely know; Do not be one of those people.

If I compare Nithyananda with Jesus, You might find it hard to beleive, but definitely you are comparable to those people who have thrown stones at Jesus or Laughed at him and judged him where there was nothing he did wrong.

Release Nithyananda . Human civilisation needs people like him.




Nadapriyananda said...

Please release him. What has he done to deserve this?

rukmani said...

This is very true . Yes Jesus was crusified and then He is god for over 2000 years now still . The spiritual incarnations suffer in the hands of the ' stoning mass' to enmass more and more spirituality , History says . Rukmani

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