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Thank you so much Swamiji for the miracle and name...


Thank you so much swamiji for the new name. I feel so much re-born again. Thank you so much for a real great miracle swamji. In my country it is not so easy to change our name. The moment i receive the new name, i was just jumping in bliss and ecstasy. I also depicted my name to some of closest one in order to get some legal advice. The respond were teriffying as they all told me that it is not possible to change my name legally. At that, swamji's mala around my neck was the resolution for me. I just hold the mala,
in front of Varadha Moorthy Swamji asking for a blessings and i want my name changed legally as well help me ease the process and 'unclutch'. Guess what, my visit to the registration dept. was a fruitful one. I could feel swamji's presence there and working in them.The goverment guy were extremely friendly and informed me nothing to worry, a year ago is not possible but now currently the system have been change just write a supporting letter and also take oath. That's all, within an hour my name changing process was done successfully and just need 1 month waiting for the collection of my new ID card. Thank you so much swamji, m so happy and my life is filled by gratitude towards You and life. Thank you again swamji for all the blessings swamji.

Love you so much swamji for all that you're going thru for all of us in this planet of earth. Thank you again swamji. We need you swamji in this motherly planet earth swamji, please be with us or bring us with you away. take care swamji, nithyanandam

In gratitude,

Sri Nithya Pranavamayan


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