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You are my Savior Swami Nityananda

Nithyanandam swamiji,

Thank you so much swamiji for saving from the traffic police-men. It was late at night i was driving back to my house after my tuition. I was stopped by a traffic policemen, he told me that i have exceeded the speed limit by extra 5km/h. I was stunned as it does not make any sense to me. The traffic guy again asking whether i want a penalty ticket or not, clearly i understood he wants some bribery from me. I do not want to give any such bribery and at the same time also cannot afford to pay for the penalty ticket. The traffic guy ask for my ID card as well my car license to give a penalty ticket. That very moment i can only think of One Savior; swamiji. I just hand over the cards, and hold swamiji mala and made the phone call to swamiji thru swamiji mala. Thank you so much swamiji, i still remember the moment i made the phone call to YOU thru your mala, the traffic guy just couldn't bring himself to write the penalty ticket for five minutes and a complete silence. He also didn't ask me for any bribery and at the same time after five minutes couldn't write my name on the ticket gave me back my ID cards and just say "Ok Never Mind Just Go". Thank you so much swamiji to come inside the traffic guy and transform his heart although prior to that i begged at him to just forgive me. Thank you so much swamiji.

Back at my house i was telling this story to my parents, they told "I'm blessed that swamiji was there to help me out" and the same time my dad told me that God (Swamiji) will only help once, so don't repeat the same mistake again. At that moment, i just ask swamiji in my heart "is that so swamiji?, You only help once is it?" So much to my doubtful heart, when returning from my parents house to my rental house, i just don't know why i made a short cut turn which means going on the opposite direction of the flow. The best part was that i overtook a police car in that opposite direction. Great, now i know myself really in a great trouble and there's no escape. I was instructed to stop my car to the side, as well step out from the car to check my ID's. The penalty for this mistake is really heavy and also confirm;no excuse. Oh god, only HE knows how much i begged to forgive my mistake. Nothing budge their heart. I gave up, sat at the side of the road waiting for the policemen to give a ticket. Without my knowledge my hand was holding swamji's mala and just "Swamiji" one word in my heart and that's all complete silence in me trying to grasp why i did so. To my surprise, both policemen whom i begged so much earlier, just gave me back my ID's after 15 minutes and said "It's Ok Don't Repeat it". Then i realise it was Swamiji; answered by call, present HIMSELF in their hearts and transform HIS LOVE and Showered it thru their act. Thank you again swamji. You have been always my savior. There's no doubt anymore. My doubtful question became an experiancial answer in life learning process. Thank you so much swamiji.

In gratitude,

Sri Nithya Pranavamayan


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