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It will be overwhelming victory for Master Nithyananda

I am very happy that Nithyananda is taking these negative forces head on. When he is out in public life nobody can stop him from winning people's heart. Now when he is in jail, all the inmates and officials are getting blessings from him and I am sure he is now working on the psyque of the people who r not in public life, he is intense energy who is active all the time and changing this world very fast. Now nobody can stop the Master. Wow I am so happy for all the poor, simple people who had lost faith in everything, now god is descending in so many forms and the brave Nithyananda has taken the toughest task. It will be a treat to watch this battle, How beautifully this statement of Vivekananda is coming true that a single YOGI is sufficient to erase 90 lakh negative people, It will be overwhelming victory for The Master Nithyananda. He is amazing/ Adbhut.




Siew Yong said...

Nithyanadam Sansha,

I shared the same feeling here with you. Swamiji is no ordinary being, he is an avatar purusha (incarnation of God). His intense presence is enough to change anyone. He did say that He has brought all the powers in this body, just let go & we will fly! He is living the dharma.
I am sure after this incident, the 'new' Swamiji will be revealed to us.

In nithyananda,

srimanit said...

when we start seeing this case in a different angle this sounds really enjoyable that the people those who are around our Swami now are gifted to be with HIM and for this same opportunity We are all waiting for.

I am missing HIM very much. :-(
But As He told He keeps reminding me that He is always with me in Me.

But still missing Him.Please!please!please!
Swamiji!please give me a chance to see you.I am missing you a lotttttttttt!

Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha.
Radiating Enlightenment.

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