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Support from New Yort City!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to state my support and let people know what I feel.

Swami Ji said one time or many, that everything is auspicious. This made me think a lot and I came to the conclusion that what ever happens out there is of my making too and in the end, what I strife for is happiness. He sacrifice himself like a lamb for the purpose of getting to know myself. Great compassion indeed. And suppose he is a fraud, it is a win win situation.

I still feel the same way and I still revere him for what he is. In the end I put the meaning to what happens outside me and... it is auspicious and I thank him for his compassion and his sacrifice. I can't wait to see him again in New York City!! Hope is soon!!! :) He will be back better, bigger, stronger and more powerful!



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LV said...

Praying almighty that this drama ends beneficial to all.

Please continue to post Swamiji's discourses on youtube, these are like tonic for the waning spirits!

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