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Our Master has personally initiated and touched the lives of millions in such a phenomenally positive way in such a short time!

We have seen in history how only the leader has to face all these ugly miscreants, these ugly mentally corrupted elements in the society. It is because followers choose to reap the benefits and hide behind the Master to remain as followers. We have seen enough from the history of all Masters.

We have experienced enough benefits from all Masters and even from our own Master..
Why wait any longer? Take Charge !

LET EACH ONE BE THE LEADER ! Out of the millions touched by this Master, Let atleast 10,000 leaders stand up now !

Thousands of us attend the 4 day NSP programs at once! Surely 10,000 is a small number for us!!!
Let us USE OUR Inner Intelligence, go out of our boundaries and tackle them ! Let us clean up outside our boundaries, EXPAND our BOUNDARIES AND CLEAN UP!

If there are 10,000 Nithyanandas who will they come after? It is because we are all opting to be just followers and hiding and letting the Master take the lead.

Let each one become Nithyananda. Will these handful of dirty minds come after all 10,000 of us. Let us start spreading our Enlightenment. How many leaders can they abuse at once ??


Thank You !

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