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Nithyananda Geet, Part 1: The Greatest Happening of Our Avatara Unfolds..

(with humble offerings to the Cosmic writer as I am only holding the pen..the keyboard.as He is the writer..this is an attempt to share the non-portable experience, an attempt to capture the formless in form…ever witness…Nithyananda..)

In the last exactly 4 weeks of the so-called confusion, chaos and silence period we witnessed from March 2nd onwards, I hereby share the greatest happenings. I have felt a quantum rise in my intensity for the Master, for what He represents, for what He came down for and very clearly my connection with His divine leela. It is time to share how I am emerging, dissolving at the same time along with His Divine play and my understanding about how Krishna himself guided me directly to raise me to the highest liberated state...Nirvikapla Samadhi and Leela Dhaayana as He says...!!!

Every teaching that I imbibed, internalized in His presence, form or formless, within and without simply came as "Shastra Shastras"- knowledge weapons for me to experiment and jump to a place where there is no bridge, only pathless land of truth. It was almost like boiling, practically like standing in battle-field only difference may be, in place of Arjuna, it was me (I am sure many of us) and Master himself guiding me. I now narrate to you the greatest happenings, because in my own war, I conquered myself and got Him in return...as He beautifully narrates about Ramana Maharishi’s vakya “ I lost me and found you in return, Oh God, who is more intelligent!”

One side, I clearly saw the heavy sena of my family, friends, (ex)sangha family, well-wishers, so called society at large and ultimately my own ego standing...attempting to shake the real me, sometimes with the weapons of cheat, mass negativity and social responsibility and commitments, maya, compassion, expected morale behavior and ultimately my very own ego...

Week 1: Chaos outside, deep silence and intense peace inside ( Automatic un-clutching)
When the negative forces fooled themselves & the unconscious mass with sensationalized fake drama on the Leela-dhar Himself (creator of the cosmic play)- the first thing that happened was the family & societal conditioning standing before me as if questioning my very path of choosing spirituality itself, fresh and alive with their unfathomable so-called evidences, sometimes attacking with the weapon of maya by telling me that they have all the right records, proofs to demean my real experiences saying that they were nothing but blind-hypnotism, sometimes attacking me by emotional bonds towards responsibilities that I need to return to, sometimes guarding me to simply drop the mala and bracelet and dis-engage (from whom may I ask, from me ?) , anyhow, as a supposed sure-shot door-way to self-liberation and .some felt even proud giving me the 'gyana' that they are revealing me the great truth about the hidden life of my master that I am blinded from. Some so-called devotees claimed that they have shared more years, more time in the sangha and so they know things better and I am a fool knowing nothing...some showed their cunning-ness like Shakuni by pointing fingers at all our dedicated Ashramites and hence blaming the whole system, oh what a cloud of maya. With just one click of Swamiji, one memory that “disciple-disciple relationship is hell..it is blind leading the blind.” That’s all..all maya dropped and only master-disciple remained..slowly disappearing…one wakeful call to get up from the weakness and stand as the mighty-armed..spiritual warrior..with the Gandiva (that which cannot be taken away)- i.e. unclutching...

Only difference, instead of getting scared of the 11 crore sena in front of me...where every single social conditioning including my logic negated me, I strangely beautifully felt completely in tune with my charioteer. The reason I say it was strange is because, for the first time I witnessed the divinity of cosmic Nithyananda in me with his form and that did not allow a single thought of negativity to surface. So far I always understood, but now, for the first time I witnessed, there is something in me that can never die, the energy of the Master, the energy of the Cosmos, the real devotion, the vitarka became so strong that I smoothly conquered my social conditionings so smoothly in Ahima, just because Swamiji very patiently guided me to be simply intensely unclutched in the language of silence. Then, no matter what the society told, standing like the mighty Bhisma, I remained centered in me…in silence..

Dearest Swamiji, during the IA, you said that we are unclutched- that over 51% unclutching has happened in us, and that we are liberated from societal conditionings…I understood, my bio-memory understood, now I have witnessed that I understood….now I am the experiencer…..I have gone beyond the first battle while fully surrendered at your lotus feet. I cannot express anything more, only that you are so compassionate to give me the shelter at your feet. Thank you for appearing in my dream-state and showing the whole cosmic drama that is unfolding to pull me up, keeping your promise that “My devotee never perishes”

To the Greatest Charioteer, who forever lives in all of us

Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi

Acharya, Hyderabad

(Dear blissful beings, I will share the Week 2 greatest happenings in the next blissful sharing.)


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Siew Yong said...

Nithyanandam Ma Sugandhi

I shared your journey as my experience was also similiar. The unclutching & the mental setup of a Jivan Mukhta helped me to remain patient and in silence without judging. I continued with my sadhana as usual. I must say that during this period, the cosmic form of Nithyananda was so strong with a beautiful energy, flowing inside me.

From this epdisode, my vitarka with master is strengthened. I also witnessed my seeking is very strong that nothing can shake me from the outer world. It was thru this divine leela that I awakened my inner guru. Once the inner guru is awakened, I only have gratitude for the outer guru and the Cosmic Nithyananda. :-)

This morning before Nithya Dhyaan, I asked Him to give me a strong experience. He did by giving me a funny image that I burst in silence that I was almost out of breath! hahaha...

In N! SY

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