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Swami Nithyananda is God!

I met Swami Nithyananda in Sep 2009 in Toronto, Canada during the Kalpataru program. I felt very connected to him and knew that he is my Guru. My mom who attended the program felt the same way. Then I went to Bidadi, Banaglore in Nov 2009 to do a 3 month program called Life Bliss Engineering. It transformed my life completely for the better. Swami healed my stomcah problems that I was suffering from for the past 3 years. I felt so safe and secure in the ashram, more than in Toronto where women are well protected by the community.
I told my mom that "there are many ashramites from different backgrounds, the relationship they have with each other goes like this, if a person is older she/he is looked upon as a mother/father, if a person is about the same age she/he is looked upon as a sister/brother, and the younger ones are looked upon as a daughter/son." I told my mom that this was the relationships I saw between the ahramites. Swami looks upon each of us as his child, this I felt with my own experiences with him. I saw how happy the ashramites are. They are always laughing and joking with each other and us (LBE participants). They treated us very lovingly. I consider them to be very lucky to be living there. I felt very happy when I interacted with them.
My family and I are hurt about the way the media is portraying Swami and the ashramites. From my experiences I can confidently say that SWAMI NITHYANANDA IS GOD. My family and I are waiting to attend further classes with Swami.
Thank you Swami,
Abirami Paramanathan, B.A.
Toronto, Canada


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