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From the books of the Master, Living Enlightenment

A para worthwhile mentioning from the books of the Master, living Enlightenment!
Perhaps all these hints could be an eye opener
Sanyas is saying yes to Existence. Saying yes is surrrender! Saying yes is love and compassion!
The human mind is trained to always say 'no', Saying no boosts the ego. Yes makes the ego vulnerable, so the mind continues to say no. Sanyas is saying yes to Existence! Existence created you. It is waiting toe express its divine play through you. By saying yes you allow the divine play to happen through you. When divine play happens, things happen exactly according to the flow of Existence! Then everything becomes auspiciousness!
When you are resonating with Existence, you enjoy everything, including yourself! You dont see as separate from anything else. You see no separate reasons for anything. There are people who commune with nature but fail miserably when it comes to people. Then, even their communion with nature is not real communion. Feeling only for nature is not a scale by which to measure love.
People tell me that they are already communing with Existence. Trees and animals dont create trouble for you. That is why you claim to commune with them. They keep quiet. You can simply express anyhing to them. You can thrust your feeling on them, pull it out, and feel good, thats all. It is just an ego trip. The essence is in the ablility to commune with the whole of Existence, even when faced with trouble. If you can create that space of love under those conditions, then you are really communing with Existence.
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