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Swamiji is my next Vivekanandar!

I am arun, living in bangalore. 2 years ago I saw almost all Youtube presentation of swamiji, from that day onwards i am one of virtual followers of him. I never met him personnaly but i am watching all the videos all the presentation of him. I admire him as a YOUNG GURU.
I strongly believe that by using media which doesnt care about the true information about swamiji they(cheap people who wants to destroy hindu beliieves) aired SUCH NONCENSE..
Before this scandal also no media aired goodness of swamiji did for society.. Because they wants to air the Negative News which attracts viewers, Blue-Films(even that could be eidited mis-interpreted) which attracts youngsters.. No media bothered about what miracles he has done for people, what he has given to the society. How strong a young hindu who wants peace in this world.
See the person who filed a complaint and prepared the CD, never came infront of press. He is running, he is hiding, NO MEDIA is bothered about the truthful of that person. In his complaint also what he has given is " I heard that this was happend.. Some one told me like this .. I heard that he .. I heard that he has ..(Dinathanthi Paper Bangalore Edition/ March 22)" what is this? Is this the complaint.??. If suppose if i tell i heard that Lenin is a "..", Will police men accept the complaint .. will media person air with the breaking news..?
Tamilnadu media is worst than ever...
Such a poor media we have..


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