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In Nithyanandam.... FOREVER

My Dear Swami,

Within five minutes of your first samadhi experience talk on youtube, in 2007 Sep, I started to travel in to a 'no-return' zone of my being.

It is true bond made for ever - Thats how I felt and it just geting stronger..

I received Online Nithyadhyaan initiation and then I did, LBP, NSP and Kalpataru.

The expansion I feel and the calmness I get after Nithyadhayaan is mystical. I did yesterday and felt your silence !!

The most beautiful experience was the Kalpataru in September 2009 in Bidadi - I saw you for the first time in the ananda sabha and next thing - tears poured out of my eyes unstoppably - I was really really happy - is this bliss ??

I walked to you with amazement, did not know what to ask and gave you my wedding card. Having read the card very carefully among the big crowd around, you blessed me by putting your thumb on my Agna. Still could not speak anything sensible, I thanked you for letting me see you ! You replied with a smile....with how many meanings in it???? My life has taken a complete turn around from there and it is still happening. . I continue to feel your presence whenever I take a deep breath- just like that. I am not as emotionally handicapped as I was. More or less I am watching my self going through life, with real sense of satisfaction.

These experiences are not mere feelings or sensations. They are the results of true inner transformation. It does not leave me in any situation including the present one.

With the high points of my life which is ever getting higher inwardly and outwardly I plead, my dear Swami, you need to save all of us from the present 'media' situation.

I know there is nothing I can do in this, Everything is SHIVA and I sincerely believe this is The Greatest Happening in our lives.

All I read from the present 'Media Created Situation' is how heavily we are controlled by mass media and the few people who have the intentions to do so. They can dictate what we think and feel.. wow! !!!


All up to you Swami and I continue to be an observer un-clutched and in Nithyanandam.

Please let me meet you soon.....


R.Parthipan from London.


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